There are many different types of kayaks And canoes. Many people, including myself, use and own kayaks and canoe's for many reasons Including Sport, Fun, Touring and Fishing.


These Are Just A Few Types of Kayaks And Canoes:

Sit On Kayak: 

White Water Kayak:

Touring Sea Kayak 


Canoeing and Kayaking are both fun water activities for all ages, but as it is a water sport it is important from a safety point of view that you can swim.


Basic Equipment You May Need To Start Kayaking/Canoeing:



There are different types and sizes to choose from depending on, where you're going to use it (white water, in the surf, or just down the canal), you're weight (the heavier you are, the bigger boat you will need for better buoyancy and stability).

Helmet - For white water, to protect your head if tipped over.

Paddle - There are two types off paddle, single, often used for Canadian Canoes and White Water Kayaking and double, used with Canoes and Kayaks for normal recreational use. (double is easier to use, to begin with).

Clothing - In the winter or on cold days, a dry suit (these can be expensive) or wet suit is best, these keep you warm, and protect you from the cold conditions. In the summer and on hot days, just a basic pair of shorts and top will be fine.

Buoyancy Aid - A good buoyancy aid is crucial, its amazing how many people do these sports without one. If you dont wear one (that fits!) you could be risking your life! buoyancy aids are not too expensive, and are a Necessary piece of equipment.


Different Types Of Kayaks And What They Are For..


  • Short Kayaks - For white water, there are contests held all over the country, these are usually held on fast moving rivers, they are very hazardous, white water kayaking is an Olympic sport.
  • Inflatable -  These are good for fishing, and are brilliant if you don't live near the place you are going, to go kayaking or canoeing, they don't use much space either so are perfect if you have no shed, garage or surficient storage space.
  • Sea Kayaks - These are brilliant for the sea, and exploring sea caves, they are long and thin and have many water proof compartment's for carrying equipment and food on expeditions and camping trips.



Where Can You Go Kayaking?

You can go kayaking and canoeing anywhere if there's water, you can go kayaking on the Sea, Kayaking in RiversKayaking in Lakes and Kayaking on Canals (if u are going to use the canal, you should have a look at this and find out about Licenses and Fees)


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